Sweet Sixteen Limo Tips and Preparation

It's not every day that your little girl turns sixteen. Even though she may think she is old enough to look after herself, you still worry when she goes out by herself.

Most young girls will want to have a big bash to celebrate their sweet sixteen. however, how can you make sure they are not getting into any mischief and that they are well looked after when your daughter would rather die than let you chaperone her birthday party.

By hiring your daughter and her friends a limousine for her sweet sixteen. She will be able to have a great night out with her friends and you won't have to worry about where she is. Many limousine companies are accustomed to transporting teens to their proms or around the town for their birthdays. This is why many companies are considerate enough to create and enforce a 'no drugs or alcohol' policy for their underage passengers. By choosing our limousine company with this policy, you can rest easy that your daughter will have a memorable sweet sixteen party and come home safely.

Hiring a limousine for a sweet sixteen means that your daughter can choose a restaurant to go to with her friends, or they can go and see a movie or a show at the theatre. There may even be a concert in town that your daughter wants to see.

Limos can be hired as packages for special events and this means the limo will pick up your daughter and her friends from their houses, take them to each venue, wait until they are ready to move on and chauffeur them all home at the end of the night.

Also, we offer sweet sixteen limousine packages for as little as 3 hours of service. For example, you can get a significant discount for a multiple limousine booking, which means you can book your daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party as well as a trip to a day spa for yourself and a friend the next day.

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